About Us

Doug Weissman

Owner/ Teacher/ Piano Technician

My fondest memory is of my Grandmother teaching me to play In the Mood on the piano. We would play it as a duet, then Grandpa would grab her to dance the jitter bug on the kitchen floor and I would finish the song. Because of that moment, I took piano lessons from the age of 4 and viola lessons from the age of 11 until I joined the Marine Corps. While serving I met fantastic warrior musicians and learned different styles of how to give instruction ( not just the Drill Instructor style). Also, I began to notice how cadence calls, guitar nights at the barracks and singing songs helped us cope during tough times and built esprit de corps. After the Marine Corps, I took many types of classes, university and others, gaining knowledge of not just the subject but taking note on how I was instructed on said subject. Eventually that has led to a teaching style that I feel is unique. That style starts with the idea that I am here to teach music to be used as a tool in your life tool bag. That could be used as a coping tool, building teams tool, a tool to have fun or even a tool for an eventual career. How that tool is needed in your life is how I will customize your lesson. My family and I moved to the Chattanooga area in 2019 and have fallen in love with it. We hope to make an impact on the Chattanooga area, opening opportunity for you to learn this fantastic tool of music. Thank you!